Samsung introduced a host of new AI-based features with the Galaxy S24 series and collectively called them Galaxy AI. The features are present in all the three Galaxy S24 smartphones — Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra and is also expected to expand to previous-generation flagship smartphones in coming months.
To make people famalier and try out the new Galaxy AI features, Samsung has announced its new ‘Try Galaxy’ app.The app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS.
Here are five features that you should try.
AI-powered photo editing tools
Samsung is using a lot of AI to offer several photo editing features. This includes features like Object eraser, Shadow and Reflection eraser and Generative edit. The Generative edit is the most powerful editing tool you can find as it allows users to make changes and edits the way they want. For instance, you can select the entire background and delete it and then generate the entire background again using AI. It can also be used to resize a subject and even add a new layer on top of the image.
Writing assist in Samsung Keyboard
Writing assist in Samsung Keyboard is available everywhere and offers two features — Chat translation and Style and grammar. The Chat translation, as the name implies, allows users to translate text and messages. The style and grammar feature allows users change different writing tones and even checks grammer.
Live Translate
Live Translate works with phone calls and it translates the conversation in real-time to help users overcome the language barrier. The feature offers two-way translation and supports both voice and text-based conversations.
Circle to Search
Circle to Search was announced with Galaxy S24 series and it is a gesture-based search feature that lets users search anything and anywhere. All users have to do is trigger the circle to search feature and then circle the area they want to search.
Note assist
Note assist feature includes AI-generated summarise, templete creator and also generates note covers for that organised feel within the Notes app. It works for keyboard-entered texts as well as handwritten notes.

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