India Mobile Congress (IMC 2023) is now underway and on the inaugural day of the largest telecom, media and technology forum in Asia, Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited its new satellite broadband, called JioSpaceFiber. During his speech at the event, the company’s chairman Akash Ambani shed light on the country’s 5G infrastructure and Jio’s contribution in helping make India into ‘Viksit Bharat’.
“The best example of it [using the latest technology that can improve the lives of our people] is India’s digital public infrastructure, which has been internationally praised,” Ambani said while addressing Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Ambani said that Jio unleashed the fastest rollout of 5G technology witnessed anywhere in the world. He also shared a few numbers in relation to Jio’s 5G rollout in the country.
Here are the 7 key numbers:

  1. According to Ambani, Jio is deploying a 5G cell every 10 seconds and the company has installed over 10 lakh 5G cells across all 22 circles of India.
  2. Jio alone has contributed to 85% of the overall 5G capacity in the country…and provided one of the fastest 5G internet speeds in the world, he added.
  3. Jio’s 5G rollout is powered by a 100% in-house 5G stack, designed, developed and manufactured entirely by Indian talent.
  4. “We [Jio] have fortified our 5G infrastructure with services like JioFiber and JioAirFiber, our fixed-wireless broadband offerings,” he noted.
  5. Jio can provide 5G access to over 200 million unconnected homes and premises, making India the broadband capital of the world.
  6. Amabani said that India ranks amongst the top three 5G-enabled nations, with over 125 million 5G users.
  7. Jio also launched the Jio Bharat, a 4G smartphone priced at Rs 999 – lower than most 2G phones, he said.

“Through the power of technology and connectivity, we will unite and inspire 1.4 billion Indians with the single dream of making our beloved Motherland Bharat the most prosperous, the most technologically advanced, the most inclusive and most harmonious nation in the world,” Ambani noted.

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