KATHMANDU, Aug 13: Juniper Networks, a US-based multinational networking technology company, conducted a media interaction on 10th August 2023 at Hotel Mariott, Kathmandu. The event hosted by Outreach Nepal was attended by journalists from different media in Nepal. The event focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI), and its role in transforming the future of Networking.

The briefing was done by Sajan Paul, Managing Director for India & SAARC at Juniper Networks, and Rajesh Kumar, Technology Head, Enterprise and Government for India & SAARC at Juniper Networks. The briefing started on Juniper Networks, which has globally powered some of the largest service providers, enterprises, banks and government-owned networks. Operating in India, since 2000, and handling network complexity alongside many networking providers, it was informed that Juniper is building cloud infrastructures and has also played a vital role in the functioning of the running networks in Nepal for around a decade. 

Juniper, building networks that meet the demands of today and tomorrow, is driving the digital transformation for businesses within the Enterprise sector, has given support to the education sector through digitalization, and has also been supporting the health sector. With the help of cloud infrastructure, the cost for Internet Service Providers will also be reduced, helping Digital Nepal. Pointing out the importance of connectivity in today’s world, the briefing continued.

Both Sajan Paul and Rajesh Kumar described the aims of Juniper Networks along with their commitment to Nepal. AI, being the crucial element in helping the digital world, it was expressed that they were committed to helping digital Nepal with the use of AI, building routing infrastructures, cyber-security infrastructures, and putting automation at work, thus building large networks that would be beneficial in today’s world. Juniper Networks has a target to make the world Carbon neutral by 2025, it was said. 

AI and automation, have enhanced user experiences, and the proactive approach which will be taken by AI, will change a lot in Nepal as well, as it has been seen in the world. AI, which is growing globally, has certainly changed the education sector through digitalization, as we can see how much people relied on communication technology and networks during the outburst of Covid-19, and is expected to support the health sector as well. Another aim of AI is to power retail businesses. In the midst of overshadowing macro economies, a breakthrough will be possible only through AI-driven networking and the aid of connectivity. But as loose connectivity is an issue, Juniper Networks, with Self Driven Network (SDR) aims to raise the bar.

After the briefing was over, there was a short question and answer session, where media personnel put forth their queries, and Paul and Kumar answered. It was then, the current situation of AI was talked about along with the progress of AI on a global scale as well as in the context of Nepal. The drawbacks of AI were pointed out, for example, through recursive learning, misinformation is given. And the flaws of chatbots are many, as they only answer to what information has been inserted in the program. To counter the issue, to make programs user-friendly and convenient, analysis is being done and many updates are being made, it was stated. And on the other hand, people are being replaced with AI. But, a solution to that was also talked about, as the removal of people from their jobs would take place, new jobs could be created, in operational fields or in managing the network systems by making people tech savvy and keeping people up to date. A new task could be assigned to the one removed as skilled manpower is also needed to build large networks.

With the conclusion that Juniper Networks is building AI-enabled, cloud infrastructures such as Juniper Paragon Automation which will help the civilization take a leap forward, it was pointed out that the emergence of 5G, will change a lot in the world. The new age will take people away from existing infrastructures while making lifestyle easier, more efficient, and swift. But all in all, it’s connectivity all over again, and by building that, Juniper Networks plans to make our civilization dash ahead. The same technology will be brought for the sake of Nepal as well, for which we are committed, the representatives of Juniper Networks expressed. With the sessions over, the media round table ended.

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