A man’s decision to leap into the churning water of the Pacoima Wash to save his dog led to a dramatic rescue — of the man, not the dog, which climbed out on its own.

Firefighters with the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the river in Sylmar around 2:45 p.m. Monday after a bystander reported that, amid L.A.’s stormy weather, a “man jumped in the flowing water in pursuit of his dog,” the department said.

An LAFD crew hunted for the man, going to numerous bridges overlooking the 33-mile-long tributary of the Tujunga Wash, which is a tributary of the L.A. River. They first spotted the canine, which had swum to the side of the river and gotten out of the rapidly flowing current, officials said.

A helicopter located the man at another point in the river. A rescuer was lowered into the water and was able to grab the man — who was still conscious — and hoist him back up to the helicopter, video shows.

The dog was treated for minor injuries. The man was taken to a hospital in the helicopter, according to fire officials. Information on the man’s condition was not immediately available.

A man in a green jacket holds a brown and black dog on a leash on a rain-slicked sidewalk.

A dog, with an L.A. Animal Services employee, waits to be reunited with the owner who jumped into the Pacoima Wash on Monday to save him.

(Daniel Castillo / LAFD)

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