BIRATNAGAR, Aug 25: Targetting the Dharan Sub-Metropolitan of the Sunsari district, the District Administration Office, Sunsari has issued a curfew. It has been prohibited to enter Dharan on Saturday, tomorrow through the four-way crossing.

It has been requested not to collectively hold any social, religious, or political meetings, rallies/gatherings/demonstrations, etc.

Similarly, Dharan’s political parties have appealed to all parties to maintain social harmony and end the atmosphere of conflict. In the all-party meeting held on Friday, concern was expressed that the uncomfortable situation in Dharan for the past few days has caused suspicion of disrupting the social harmony and tolerant environment there.

“According to our pluralistic characteristics, we request all castes, religions and communities to respect each other’s religion, customs, culture and traditions and not to engage in activities that breed social hatred and offend the faith,” it was said in the joint appeal issued by 13 political parties of Dharan.

Similarly, the meeting has appealed to all parties to play their role in making the environment comfortable by postponing the pre-scheduled programs to be organized on August 26. “Considering the seriousness of the situation, we sincerely appeal to everyone not to post, share and comment on social media and other materials that disturb social harmony. Also, we request the relevant agencies to make necessary arrangements to maintain social harmony and peace and security,” it has been said in the appeal.

The appeal has been signed by CPN UML, Nepali Congress, CPN Maoist Center, CPN (Unified Socialist), JSP, RSP, RPP, Nagarik Unmukti Party, NSSP, RJMP, KKSP, Bivekshil Sajha Party and others.

Meanwhile, the Province 1 Re-naming Joint Struggle Committee has also requested to maintain social harmony by postponing all the programs scheduled to be held in Dharan on August 26. The five ethnic organizations affiliated with the Struggle Committee issued a joint press release saying that the call on social media that Hindus would participate in a public demonstration in Dharan on August 26 and the publicity made by the other party to counter it could disrupt the multi-religious, multicultural and multi-ethnic harmony of Nepal and create ethnic and religious conflict, so all parties have been appealed to be responsible and sensitive.


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