Apple’s next special event is almost upon us. Here’s your comprehensive schedule to what’s happening when between now and the release of the announced products.

Since we don’t yet know exactly what’s being revealed, it’s possible there will be more, less or different in the end. But the timings should be about right. Please check back as I’ll be updating this post when more details emerge.

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What You Can Do Now

1. Check out the cool animation that reveals we’re going to see new Macs.

It’s pretty rare for Apple to let on much before one of its special events: surprise is key. But if you go to you’ll see the words Apple Event and a backlit Apple logo. Keep watching and you’ll see it transform to the Happy Face Finder icon familiar to all Apple Mac users. It’s a fair bet that this is not a coincidence, so Apple is telling us that it’s about to reveal something Mac-related, like a new processor that is “Scary fast” as it says on the invite sent to the press. Since Apple would never release a chip without a computer to put it in, new Macs are in the offing. There’s also a button which will add the event to your calendar. Read full details of the latest reports on what’s coming here.

2. Set a reminder to watch the keynote.

Apple has just put its YouTube streaming details live. Go here and you’ll see the “scary fast” tagline and a reminder of how many days before the keynote and what time it’s on. This detail is location-specific, so it will say the time for the place you’re in at the time.

Monday, October 30

This is the big day. Tune in to your chosen source for the keynote. You can watch through the YouTube channel above, or at, on through the Apple TV app on iPhone, iPad or Apple TV. Here are some of the timings.

Cupertino: 5 p.m. Pacific Time

New York: 8 p.m. Eastern Time. The latest rumors say there’ll be an “in-person component” to the event in New York.

London: midnight. This will start in the first few seconds of Tuesday, October 31—yes, Halloween.

Paris: 1 a.m. Tuesday

Even though there’s a small in-person element, it’s thought this will be a pre-recorded announcement, as recent Apple keynotes have been.

We’ll know exactly which new Macs and super-fast chips are being released. Opinions are divided about whether there will be the highly anticipated M3 processor, or the M2 Ultra. Both would qualify as fast enough to be scary, but my money’s on the M3.

Almost certainly there will be the MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch laptops with M3 processor onboard. Perhaps there’ll be a new 13-inch MacBook Pro too, but this seems less likely to me. The MacBook Air will likely not be upgraded: the 15-incher has only just appeared, and frankly, the Air doesn’t need the power that Pro users require.

A new iMac seems likely, with M3, and perhaps some smaller items like accessories upgraded from Lightning to USB-C, like the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. These will likely be available to buy straight after the keynote or later in the week.

Friday, November 3

This could be when the new Mac or Macs are available to pre-order.

Tuesday, November 7 Or Wednesday, November 8

Initial reviews will go live, likely at 6 a.m. Pacific.

Friday, November 10

At last, M3 iMac, M3 MacBook Pros and M3 Mac Pro will reach Apple Stores or be delivered to customers who ordered online.

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