In the high-stakes world of Bollywood, where heroes and villains play out epic tales, Arjun Kapoor emerges as the formidable adversary in Rohit Shetty‘s upcoming venture, ‘Singham Again.’ Unveiling his first look as the cold-blooded antagonist, Arjun reflects on the thrill of stepping into the shoes of a villain and the gratitude he feels for directors who envision him in diverse roles.
For the ‘Gunday’ fame star, the transition from a hero to an anti-hero marks a pivotal moment in his career. In ‘Singham Again,’ he stands poised to challenge the might of larger-than-life hero Ajay Devgn. According to a Mid-day report, the actor, basking in the love from his fans, acknowledges the significance of this role, expressing gratitude for the opportunity.

Arjun Kapoor FIRST LOOK For Singham Again Is Intense & Promises ‘Mayhem’

He is overjoyed to collaborate with the acclaimed filmmaker Rohit Shetty, who saw his potential to bring the menacing villain to life.

Further, Arjun Kapoor feels his journey into acting was not a meticulously planned path. Instead, it was a love affair with the movies, fueled by a desire to experience the passion and joy observed in the industry. Be it ‘Finding Fanny’ or ‘Kuttey,’ the actor mentioned that his choices have been driven by a passion for storytelling rather than concerns about how each role might impact his image.

Reflecting on his journey, Arjun also states that he has never been an insecure actor. From playing a leading star and venturing into two-hero films with ‘Gunday’ to being part of an ensemble in ‘Mubarakan,’ Arjun has consistently chosen projects for their narratives. He highlights milestones in his filmography, such as portraying a house-husband in ‘Ki & Ka’ and now embracing the role of an out-and-out anti-hero in ‘Singham Again.’

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