Actor Ayesha Kapur said she accidentally discovered Black (2005) in the “New Releases” catalogue of a streaming platform recently. ”I was like what’s happening?” Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cult classic Black recently got an OTT release after 19 years.

Ayesha Kapur played young Michelle McNally in Black.
Ayesha Kapur played young Michelle McNally in Black.

In a chat with us, Kapur, who played young Michelle McNally revealed when the movie was pulled down on YouTube, she felt sad. But now that it’s streaming on OTT “more viewers will see it, including my friends from college in America. I was surprised that it wasn’t on any platform for the longest time. I think just being on OTT makes it more accessible,” the 29-year-old added.

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The news about Black’s OTT debut was broken by Amitabh Bachchan on its 19th anniversary on X. The megastar played Michelle’s teacher Debraj Sahai. Though Rani Mukerji played the grown-up Michelle, Kapur’s portrayal of the deaf-mute girl won her immense accolades.

“It had affected the blind and deaf community too. It’s become a cult film even in Korea. It’s crazy to think where all this film was travelled and the impact it made on people from different demographics,” Kapur added.

But being all of nine at that time, did she realise that she was getting into delivering a powerful performance? “I hadn’t been exposed to Bollywood at all. So I didn’t know exactly what I was getting into,” Kapur said.

“I didn’t have that star complex or exposure and I could really play that part. I realised how intense playing Michelle was only later. But I fell so much in love with acting through the process,” she added.

Despite having stalwarts like Bhansali and Bachchan, Kapur said “they didn’t treat me like a nine-year-old. They included me in the creative process helping me shine, and bringing out the best in me.”

The actor revealed that post Black, she met Bhansali to discuss a project which he was producing. “But I had just been accepted into Columbia University. I would love to meet him again, now that I’m done with my studies,” Kapur expressed.

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