Diablo 4 has just launched its Lunar Awakening event to celebrate Chinese New Year, something we see almost every live game do these days, given the huge playerbase there. This joins a Christmas event that Diablo 4 did last season, and this is…not good. It’s pretty bad, actually.

Why is the Lunar Awakening event bad?

  • It’s over in no less than an hour if you find even a scarce handful of shrines. You rocket through the levels and it’s done in a fraction of a day. This may be a response to the Christmas event being too grindy, but it’s a little goofy.
  • The weapon skins you unlock from the event cannot be claimed if you are not the right class. You have to make an entirely new seasonal character, claim them, then delete it. This was also a problem in the Christmas event and it has not been fixed.
  • There are just straight up at least two promised cosmetics missing altogether.
  • Half the rewards, which are bags of gold, are utterly useless. You can get more gold from a single Whisper cache than you can for the entire event. There are no actually valuable materials given out.
  • The Lunar shrines only give you a 50% XP bonus when the shrines are active, which is just thirty seconds or so. It’s not a permanent buff for the event.
  • The shrines are hard to find in the open world, only marked by a general locator on the map, which is confusing, then you have to roam around the area to find the actual shrines. Shrine dungeons may only have 1-2 shrines in the entire thing.

It’s just not a good event. It feels like it only serves to sell, you guessed it, five Lunar Awakening armor sets in the shop for $20 each.

However, there is one prize that I think is worth grinding the (very brief) event for, and it’s probably the best player cosmetic I’ve seen them offer for free since after the game launched. That would be a set of Lunar marketings seen above that I think are among the best I’ve seen even past some of the paid ones from the game’s many armor sets. This is one of the higher ranks, but again, it is beyond easy to grind up there to the point where even calling it a grind is a misnomer.

There’s also a pretty decent horse you can earn as the final prize, but we’ve gotten a lot of earned horse things, and it’s more rare to earn something this good for free for your character, even if much of it may be covered by armor most of the time, depending on your look. But yeah, it looks great, even if the event to earn it is really dull and bad.

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