NEW DELHI: In a recent revelation on Times Radio, Dominic West took a deep dive into his rift with Prince Harry, shedding light on why the royal prince distanced himself following their eventful 2013 expedition to Antarctica. West, 54, a former star of “The Crown,” reminisced about their participation in the charity initiative Walking With the Wounded, a decade prior, where they collaborated on constructing latrines.
According to The New York Post, the discord between West and the Duke of Sussex, 39, originated from a press conference after their return from Antarctica. West admitted to oversharing during the conference, recounting, “I think I said too much in a press conference… about what we did to celebrate when we got there.” This inadvertently led to Harry severing communication with him thereafter.
During the event, West had publicly mentioned, “Harry told some eye-wateringly rude jokes, which for a non-soldier like me was pretty shocking.” Additionally, he claimed Harry engaged in unconventional celebrations, including drinking champagne from a prosthetic leg belonging to a double amputee, Duncan Slater, injured in Afghanistan.
Reports surfaced suggesting Harry was furious about West’s candid remarks, accusing the actor of invading his privacy. According to a Daily Mail source, this led to a heated exchange where Harry expressed his displeasure, while West urged him not to overreact, The New York Post reported.
Before the fallout, West praised Harry’s involvement during their expedition, highlighting the prince’s role as a team player. “He was always making sure he mixed, bringing everyone to the fore,” West remarked, emphasizing Harry’s tireless efforts despite being as fatigued as everyone else.
Harry’s comments during the press conference centered on the charity’s mission to inspire others. He expressed pride in the monumental achievement of the expedition members, emphasizing that their feat serves as a reminder of one’s capability to achieve any goal.
West, who portrayed Harry’s estranged father in “The Crown,” disclosed his meticulous preparation for the role, including reading Harry’s memoir, “Spare.” He admitted that the memoir slightly influenced their performance, aiming to capture nuances reflecting Harry’s personality amidst his transition to becoming king.
His insights revealed a glimpse into the discord between the actor and the royal, offering a multifaceted perspective on their post-expedition fallout.

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