National Assembly election

Kathmandu, December 28

The Election Commission has completed essential preparations for the nomination of candidates for the National Assembly election, scheduled to take place on January 25, 2024. The nomination process is set to commence on January 8.

The Commission has clarified the documents required for candidate nominations. According to the Commission’s spokesperson, Shaligram Sharma Paudyal, candidates must submit a photocopy of their citizenship certificate, a document confirming inclusion in the final name list of any rural municipality or municipality, and a voucher or receipt indicating the Rs 10,000 deposit.

There will be a 50 per cent discount on the deposit amount for female candidates as well as candidates from the Dalit, marginalised, and economically disadvantaged communities. The respective local level is required to provide a letter confirming the candidate’s economically disadvantaged background.

The necessary documents for nomination include an official letter from the party confirming the candidate’s selection in the case of a party candidate. For candidates from the Dalit cluster, a certified document identifying the candidate as a member of the Dalit community must be issued by the rural municipality, municipality, or any legally authorised body.

Similarly, any individual seeking candidacy from a disabled group or minority community must provide a certified disability certificate issued by a government body. For those filing candidacy from the minority community, it is essential to include a document issued by the rural municipality, municipality, or any authorised body, as per existing laws, certifying the individual’s membership in the minority community.

Additionally, the nomination documents should contain the names of individuals proposing and seconding the candidacy, along with a certificate specifying the names of the electoral college members comprising the representatives of the concerned Province Council, the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of the relevant rural municipality in the province, and the mayor or deputy mayor of the municipality, along with their respective voter identity numbers.

The Election Commission has outlined additional documents to be included in the nomination process. These documents comprise the property details of the candidate, specifying the house number, place of residence, and land ownership.

A self-declaration asserting that the individual has not been disqualified by any federal law is required, along with a self-declaration confirming that the person has not held any position receiving salary or economic benefits from government funds, except for political roles filled through election or nomination.

Furthermore, the Commission has mandated that candidates submit documentation indicating the registration of resignation from any current public post or elected position. Additionally, a copy of the letter issued by the Election Commission, confirming the withdrawal of the candidate’s name from the closed list under the proportional electoral system in the last election for the Member of the House of Representatives or the National Assembly, should be provided.

It is noteworthy that the term of 19 members elected to the National Assembly and one member nominated to the Assembly by the President is set to conclude on March 3.

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