On Wednesday, the trailer of Adam Driver‘s upcoming film Ferrari was released. Directed by Michael Mann, the film stars Penélope Cruz and Shailene Woodley besides Adam who plays the lead as motor legend Enzo Ferrari. The racing drama follows the struggle story of Enzo as the ex-Formula 1 racer who went on to create his brand. Also read: Christian Bale, Noomi Rapace revv up for Enzo Ferrari biopic

Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann's Ferrari.
Adam Driver as Enzo Ferrari in Michael Mann’s Ferrari.

Ferrari trailer

The trailer shared by Neon, opens with a car racing scene and introduces Enzo’s life, around his family and work. It shows how his brand, Ferrari is built out of crisis when Enzo goes bankrupt and his business fails. Even his personal life remains unstable as he deals with the death of his son, Dino, amid his rocky marriage with his wife (played by Penélope Cruz). He is also caught between acknowledging his other son, Piero, whom he had with his mistress Linda Lardi (played by Shailene Woodley).

On the other hand, it’s his drivers and their passion to win which pushes them to the edge, ahead of the Mille Miglia, the 1,000-mile race across Italy. The trailer comes with little to no dialogue and relies heavily on visuals and sounds of motor engines.

However, the events of the film are set in 1975, prior to the infamous race which took ten lives after de Portago’s Ferrari racecar blew a tyre. He along with nine spectators died in the accident. Ferrari and the tire manufacturer were charged with manslaughter, however, the case was dismissed later.

Michael Mann’s film

The film is written by Troy Kennedy Martin. It also stars Patrick Dempsey as driver Piero Taruffi, Jack O’Connell as driver Peter Collins, Sarah Gadon as Linda Christian and Gabriel Leone as Fon de Portago. Ferrari will be released in theatres on December 25 this year.

The trailer of Ferrari arrived before its premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Reacting to it, someone wrote in the comment section, “Whoever edited this trailer did a solid job building the tension right till the end. Very excited to see this movie.” “Michael Mann is BACK,” added another. One more said, “Love the fact that up until the closing shot there is really no voiceover/dialogues. Just visuals and the sound of an engine going full throttle. Beautiful teaser.”

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