Almost every day, a new trend emerges on social media, be it for raising awareness or calling out against something. Among other platforms, X, formerly Twitter, is famous for making or breaking a trend. Recently, netizens have started the “#FreeLiamNissan” movement on the platform. The trend comes after a meme account that goes by the name Liam Nissan, a comedic take on the Taken star Liam Neeson‘s name, was allegedly suspended.

Elon Musk is being blamed by X users for allegedly suspending Liam Nissan's account(REUTERS)
Elon Musk is being blamed by X users for allegedly suspending Liam Nissan’s account(REUTERS)

X users want Elon Musk to reinstate Liam Nissan’s account

The famous meme account, which is known for posting content against the Tesla founder, was allegedly suspended on Sunday, February 18. Shortly after the suspension came to the limelight, netizens started the hashtag movement- “FreeLiamNissan.” Many used the hashtag to blame Elon Musk for banning the account despite promoting free speech. Within hours, the hashtag gained traction, with netizens calling out Musk to reinstate the meme account.

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While it is unclear as to whether Musk suspended the account, an X user shared the screenshot of a post by Liam Nissan, claiming that it to be the reason behind the suspension. The tweet, which was shared at 9:10 am on Sunday, reads, “I still think it’s funny how Elon Musk walked around the southern border for two hours with his cowboy hat on backwards and not one of his 27 body guards had the nuts to tell him.”

Liam Nissan says Musk didn’t ban him

After the trend gained behemoth traction on the platform, the account owner addressed the situation, saying that “Musk didn’t ban him.” It appears that the user left on their own accord and joined a different social media platform. Under the same user name, Liam Nissan wrote, “Elon didn’t ban me, I left because of creepy a** threats. You can tell everybody that. now if you’ll excuse me I gotta buy some mcnuggets and love my life.”

Liam Nissan says Elon Musk didn't ban him from X
Liam Nissan says Elon Musk didn’t ban him from X

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