German AI startup Aleph Alpha‘s CEO Jonas Andrulis has a warning for AI startups. According to a report in Bloomberg, Andrulis has ‘warned’ that major technology companies investing big money into artificial intelligence could come to dominate the emerging technology.
Andrulis said that the onus lies on the policymakers to support smaller companies to create a level playing field. He reportedly is not in favour of the European Union’s AI Act, as according to him it risks diverting founders’ energy away from innovation and into compliance. The Act is widely regarded as the first major pieces of legislation to regulate the technology.
“We need a somewhat fair environment,” he said in an interview on Bloomberg TV. “And this is difficult because the big players run monopoly chains so they can use one monopoly to endlessly fund the fight for dominance in a new area, which is challenging for new players.” He added that Aleph Alpha’s customers have also expressed concern about data sovereignty — where AI platforms store and process data.
The company received €500 million ($545 million) in commitments from a consortium of German corporate and venture capital investors last year.
Technology giants Microsoft and Google parent Alphabet have invested significantly in AI in recent years. Microsoft’s $13 billion investment into OpenAI has allowed the tech giant to integrate AI technology into its software products. The company’s deal with ChatGPT maker OpanAI is under scrutiny in Europen Union.
Microsoft has been leading the AI race through its ongoing partnership with ChatGPT maker OpenAI. Analysts term Microsoft as essentially the torch bearer of the global AI Revolution.

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