Family of Rabin Kumar Raya of Biratnagar, who operated a hospital in Bathanhawa of Bihar, India, has lodged a police complaint in India claiming that he was murdered by his business partners.

Birat Divya Drishti General Hospital operated in Birpur Chowk, Bathanhawa of Araria district was registered in the name of Raya’s wife Rani Kumari Raya but there are some other partners as well.

Imran Sheikh of Biratnagar is also one of the partners in the hospital. Rani has claimed that the dispute arose when the Rayas tried to pay Rs 1.8 million to Sheikh to buy his stakes, according to Rani.

Rani has claimed that her husband Rabin had borrowed the amount from one Khagendra Thapa of Biratnagar at a very high interest rate, and had gone to Bethanhawa along with nine other persons including one Khem Thapa on Saturday. She has added that her husband was killed at around five Saturday evening.

“They came to the hospital and took my husband to the fourth floor of the hospital to talk. They locked us inside in the third floor. We called the police who arrived at the spot. But they shoved my husband down from the fourth floor soon after the police came.”

She has added that the persons who took her husband to the fourth floor thrashed him and then killed him by pushing him down from the floor.

The Nepal Police refused to lodge a complaint pointing that the incident happened in India. Morang Police Spokesperson DSP Ranjan Dahal acknowledged that the family was advised to lodge a police complaint in India.

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