Dreading a long and unproductive work meeting? What if you could opt out? That is precisely what Jiva, an agri-marketing and tech company, allows its employees to do. Before the start of a meeting, those invited receive an automated reminder on Slack asking them if they have anything important to brief. 

“If most people answer ‘no’, the meeting will be cancelled and everyone gets 90 minutes back in their day. This means we’re not having meetings for the sake of meetings – everyone feels empowered to cancel a meeting if it’s not going to drive work forward,” says Mr Nav Pawera, Jiva’s head of design. 

This is just one example of how productivity platform Slack empowers Jiva’s employees to be more efficient. Jiva connects farmers to the marketplace, especially via e-commerce, by providing agricultural finance and advisory services. 

The company is headquartered in Singapore but works with farmers in India and Indonesia. Employees are often out in the field working with farmers in remote locations with poor connectivity. Having to work with team members and clients in different countries and time zones requires unique solutions. 

“Our work requires us to spend a lot of time in the field with the farmers. As we are not always at our desks, and all run on different schedules, asynchronous discussions often work best for us,” says Mr Pawera.  

“This is precisely what makes Slack a crucial tool that ensures effective communication,” he adds. With its chat and video messaging features, Slack allows individual team members to catch up on focal discussions at a timing that suits their own schedule. 

Enabling team members to work flexibly  

To optimise asynchronous work – that is, work that is being done by individuals at different times – Jiva uses Slack’s tools like clips and Workflow Builder. 

Clips is a versatile platform to exchange video content, which is crucial for teams operating on disparate schedules. Employees can record video or audio clips of themselves, sharing updates, announcements or results for their team to view at their own convenience.

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