Elon Musk’s Tesla was recently called out for not paying for a mega pie order. A bakery in California claimed that the electric vehicle maker did not pay for an order worth thousands of dollars but after the press coverage, the company CEO has made things good for it, a report said.
Tesla cancelled a huge pie order
The owner of Giving Pies, a bakery in San Jose, California, claimed that Musk’s company Tesla had ordered 2,000 pies which would have cost the bakery $6,000 to complete.It was a last minute order on Valentine’s Day, and soon Tesla doubled the order to 4,000 pies before it cancelled the order without paying.
The owner said to fulfil the order she turned down other catering inquiries, purchased additional supplies and prepared her staff for a “demanding production schedule”.
“I’m a small business. I don’t have the luxury of infinite resources so I really need to be paid so I can secure my staff,” the owner said. “I had invested time, resources, and effort based on assurances from Tesla, only to be left high and dry.”
Elon Musk chimes in, Tesla pays for order
Soon her ordeal was shared in a report on X (formerly Twitter), which is also owned by Musk. In a reply to the story link that was posted on the platform, Musk said he did not know about it and he “will make things good with the bakery.”

“Just hearing about this. Will make things good with the bakery. People should always be able to count on Tesla trying its best,” Musk said in the post.
The bakery owner confirmed to The Guardian that Tesla paid the money it owed. “Tesla just paid the $2k that I was out of,” the owner told the publication in an email.

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