Oppo has been facing a tough time in Europe for the past few years now. In 2022, the Chinese smartphone maker was hit with a sales ban in Germany as a court ruled that it had illegally used Nokia’s patented technology. Since then, other brands under the BBK Electronics umbrella (including OnePlus and Vivo) have been allowed to return to Germany. Now, Oppo is also reportedly planning to make its comeback in the region.

How Oppo is planning its return to Europe

According to a post on social media platform X (previously Twitter), tipster named Max Jambor has revealed that Oppo has entered a strategic partnership with the Telefonica group as it ramps up its plans to return to all European markets where the brand had “been present before.”

Telecom group Telefonica offers mobile services in 12 countries, primarily in Europe.The post claims that Oppo has signed a three-year-deal with the company. However, the tipster didn’t reveal the details of the deal’s value. The post also didn’t mention whether Oppo is planning to extend this deal as well as its presence in Europe.

In a statement during the ongoing MWC 2024 event in Barcelona, the company also noted that it will return to the European market with the “next Find flagship series.”

How OnePlus and Vivo made their comeback in Europe

Nokia offered an independent, neutral arbitration to Oppo after a sales ban was imposed on the Chinese smartphone maker. However, Oppo rejected it and did not attempt to renew any patent licences on fair terms.
Apart from Oppo, Nokia also took legal action against other brands like OnePlus and Vivo in Europe. Earlier, rumours suggested that OnePlus’ is planning to come back to the region. In 2023, OnePlus also confirmed that it was continuing to invest in Europe.
Earlier this year, Vivo also announced that it had entered a patent licence agreement with Nokia. This agreement helped the company to resolve “pending litigation” across the region.

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