But the iOS still retains many of the inconveniences that have bogged the iPhone experience for me over the years, having used an Android device for some time.

Briefly: Why can’t I close all my app windows at the push of a single button instead of swiping each app individually? Why must all app icons parade in rows of four, flushed to the top left, like some military contingent? And why can’t I resize my widgets to see more information like my e-mails?

My personal gripes aside, the iPhone 15 is a far more impressive jump than previous iterations – even close enough to trade blows with the better-specced iPhone 14 Pro, which has been removed from the Apple website and is in low stock on online stores.

Users won’t be left behind even as more app developers roll out new ways to display information on the handy Dynamic Island cut-out, and the shift to USB-C opens up new possibilities for the iPhone moving ahead.

Let’s not forget the seriously powerful A16 Bionic chip that it inherited from last year’s Pro model, making this year’s entry-level devices on a par with 2022’s flagship iPhone. It will give users the confidence to hold on to the iPhone 15 for years, coupled with Apple’s generous software updates that cover its phones for years.

As the go-to phone for most iPhone users, the iPhone 15 is more than capable.

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