New reports emerged today regarding an alleged altercation involving actor Jacob Elordi. Days after the hit star of the HBO series Euphoria came on the police radar for allegedly assaulting KIIS FM staffer Joshua Fox, intricate details have emerged about the situation. Australian authorities are reportedly investigating claims that Mr. Elordi physically attacked a radio producer following his visit at a local pub in southeast Sydney.

Jacob Elordi at the Los Angeles premiere of Saltburn on November 14, 2023.(AFP)
Jacob Elordi at the Los Angeles premiere of Saltburn on November 14, 2023.(AFP)

Jacob Elordi accused of assaulting reporter during Saltburn prank

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Joshua Fox of KIIS FM, a local radio station, reportedly followed the Saltburn star to a Sydney bar on Saturday after finding out about the actor’s visit, according to the BBC. The young actor was contacted by the reporter, known from the Kyle and Jackie O Breakfast Show, who gave him a jar and asked him if he could fill it with his bathwater. This was meant to be a practical joke, imitating a viral bathtub scene and one of Saltburn’s most well-known moments. According to Fox, Elordi was offended by the request, which caused things to go wrong.

The radio producer also played an audio clip of the actor asking not to record in order to support his claims. Fox said that he decided to step down “because the joke didn’t land” to co-hosts Jackie Henderson and Kyle Sandilands. But he said that Elordi got “right in the face” and insisted that the tape be removed. After this “he pushes me against the wall and his hands are on my throat”, Mr. Fox said per BBC.

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According to Fox, the bathwater was supposed to be a present for Jackie Henderson, the host of his show. In the audio clip, the radio show host can be heard saying, “Could I give you this? Jackie wants a birthday present.” “Jacob Elordi’s Bath Water. What am I supposed to do with this?” Asks confused Elordi in the clip. “You’re kidding me … are you filming? Can you not, man, please?” he continues.

Fox mentioned that he quickly opted to stop recording when he realized the prank didn’t go over well. However, Elordi allegedly tried to intimidate him shortly after, as per the claims. “He kind of gets up in my face … He’s a lot taller than me. I could’ve kissed him, he was that close, I’m backed against this wall, he’s right in my face and his two boys are now either side of me. … It was kind of scary. I’m feeling quite intimated, and Jacob demands I delete the footage.” Fox reportedly stated that he has already spoken with police and does not plan to file charges.

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