Its time to say good bye to the year 2023. While the shadow of economic uncertainty looms, top execs of IT industry acknowledge the continued reliance on technology to drive business growth. The focus is on maximizing efficiency, bridging productivity gaps, and extracting value from existing infrastructure. Emerging technologies like generative AI offered exciting possibilities, but concerns about security and responsible development loomed. As we look ahead to 2023, here’s what some of the top executives have to say.
Bikram Singh Bedi, Managing Director, Google Cloud
“2023 has been an extraordinary year for Google Cloud and particularly for our business in India. From forging deep collaborations with CERT-In, Bhashini and ONDC to launching Gemini Pro we have seen the potential of how technology can shape the future of Indian organizations, the public sector and beyond. Our customers have trusted us, and we saw incredible momentum across key industries and verticals. Today we sit in a unique position to help businesses innovate with generative AI with our advanced models and continue to help businesses solve complex problems and transform in this new AI era.”
Vikram Raman, Vice President Marketing and E-Commerce, India, Racold
“As the year draws to a close, Racold reflects on a remarkable journey of innovation, warmth, and steadfast commitment to excellence in the heating solutions industry. From pioneering technologies to creating moments of comfort in countless homes, we take pride in the trust you’ve placed in us. In 2023, Racold stood at the forefront of redefining warmth, setting new benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability. As we embark on a new year, we express gratitude for your unwavering support. Here’s to a future filled with even greater advancements, shared warmth, and a commitment to making every home a haven. Cheers to a year well-heated!”
Anku Jain, Managing Director, MediaTek India
“Technology advancements are reshaping our world into a more inclusive place, where intelligence and connectivity enrich our daily lives. In 2023, MediaTek remains a frontrunner in diverse 5G use cases, delivering next-gen technologies including Satellite connectivity, Generative AI, Cloud Computing, Automotive, Connectivity and advanced 5G solutions across 5G FWA. MediaTek foresees that Generative AI is emerging as the top opportunity for 2024 and is leading the revolution by uncovering new possibilities. Recently launched flagship chipset, MediaTek Dimensity 9300 has groundbreaking big core designs and supports generative AI on-device processing for seamless, secure edge AI experiences. Besides Generative AI, the major technology trends such as quantum computing, sustainable technology, cyber resilience, and autonomous vehicles will drive the technology landscape in the fast-evolving age of AI.”
Nilesh Gupta, Director, Vijay Sales
“The Retail industry celebrated a triumphant year, exceeding expectations with an outstanding performance in the offline channel. The driving force behind our remarkable year-on-year growth during the festival season was the undeniable dominance of smartphones. Witnessing a noteworthy trend in Premiumization, consumers are willingly investing in superior experiences, enhanced convenience, seamless connectivity, and energy efficiency. As the industry embarks on consolidating growth post a double-digit value-based expansion in the festive season and encouraging business during weddings, we remain committed to delivering excellence.”
Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO, KRAFTON India
“In 2023, India witnessed an unprecedented surge in the growth of gaming and Esports, marking a monumental year for the industry. The landscape has flourished with major tournaments, new game launches, and substantial investments, reflecting an ever-expanding community of gamers. As we look ahead to 2024, we remain committed to India and growing the gaming and Esports system holistically. We are excited to continue nurturing talent through our gaming incubator program and hope to publish a title in the country and also in other global markets that is developed and made by Indian talent. We believe in the power of Indian IPs and content in making a lasting global impact, and we are excited to achieve new milestones in our journey to unlock the country’s full potential as a global gaming powerhouse.”
Hitesh Garg, Vice President and India Managing Director, NXP Semiconductors
“Reflecting on the semiconductor industry’s journey in 2023, we witnessed a year of resilience and transformation. As we stand at the cusp of 2024, the industry is poised for significant technological shifts that will shape India’s trajectory in profound ways. The integration of edge computing capabilities into semiconductor devices marked a significant leap forward enhancing the efficiency of connected systems. Chip design innovation, driven by the demand for smaller, more powerful, and energy-efficient chips, showcased the industry’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries. The semiconductor industry is forecasted to experience a strong rebound and substantial growth as the Indian semiconductor market is expected to reach USD 55 Billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 20% during the period 2022-2026. This resurgence positions the industry for a remarkable comeback, emphasizing the critical role of semiconductor companies in driving global technological progress. Looking ahead to 2024, the industry is in the transformative phase. Going forward, the integration of edge computing with enhanced connectivity and security will bring transformational changes across various industry segments like automotive, communication infrastructure, industrial, mobile, smart city and smart home. Advancements in chip design will persist, with a relentless pursuit of smaller, more powerful, and energy-efficient solutions that will make the world more safe, secure and connected.”

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