Mukesh Khanna, renowned for his portrayal of the iconic superhero Shaktimaan, has sparked controversy with his disapproval of rumours surrounding Ranveer Singh potentially stepping into the superhero’s iconic red and golden suit. The actor, taking to social media over the weekend, expressed his staunch opposition to the casting speculation, criticizing Singh’s recent photoshoot and questioning his suitability for the revered role.
In an Instagram post addressing the circulating rumours, Khanna voiced his concerns, asserting that despite Singh’s star power, he could never embody the essence of Shaktimaan.His objections were fueled by Singh’s recent photoshoot where he bared all, a move he branded as “childish” and unfitting for a role like Shaktimaan.

In a subsequent YouTube video, Khanna further elaborated on his stance, advising Singh to seek roles in other countries where nudity is prevalent if he wishes to showcase his physique. He said, “You go and live in another country, like Finland, like Spain. There are nudist camps. Go there, open it up. Work in films where you will get to do a nude scene in every third scene.”
Khanna’s remarks underlined his belief in upholding ‘Indian values‘ and cultural boundaries, urging producers, “If he thinks he is smarter than us by showing his entire body, then avoid him.”

Addressing queries on the ideal qualities for an actor to bag the role, Shaktimaan, Khanna compared the character to a ‘teacher’ and went a step further and said, “Sarva Shaktimaan is God.”
Elaborating on the same, he said, “I have told the producers, that your competition is not with Spider-Man, Batman, Captain Planet. Shaktimaan is not just a superhero, he has also become a super teacher. Now, the actor who takes on the role should have the quality that when he speaks, people will listen. There are big actors, but their image comes in the middle.”

Refusing to divulge any preferred actors for the role, Khanna hinted at the meticulous casting process necessary to find the perfect embodiment of Shaktimaan, emphasizing the character’s significance as a symbol of ultimate strength and righteousness. He shared, “If there is an actor in my mind, I would have started the film by now.”

He also shared his belief in the significance of content over star power in ensuring the success of any cinematic venture, including a potential Shaktimaan adaptation. Emphasizing the need for an actor whose presence commands attention and respect and said, “If Shaktimaan is made, then he has to be powerful because he comes next to Sarva Shaktimaan. Sarva Shaktimaan is God. He is the strongest in the universe. He has everything. The physical casting is a must. I have also said that if the movie runs, it will run on content and not because of a superstar.”
Last month, reports claimed that Shaktimaan will go on floors in May 2025 with Ranveer in the lead and director Basil Joseph helming the project.

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