The popular drama ‘My Dearest’ has once again secured its position as the most talked-about show of the week! According to Good Data Corporation’s weekly rankings, which collect information from various sources like news articles, blogs, online communities, videos, and social media, ‘My Dearest’ claimed the top spot.
Not only did the drama take the lead in buzz, but its main actor, Namgoong Min, also maintained his position as the most buzzworthy cast member.Additionally,Ahn Eun Jin, another star of ‘My Dearest,’ secured the third spot on the list.
On the drama front, tvN’s ‘Castaway Diva’ landed at the second spot, with its leading lady Park Eun Bin also holding the second position on the actor list. ‘Twinkling Watermelon’ from tvN rose to third place on the drama list, and its cast members Choi Hyun Wook, Shin Eun Soo, and Ryeoun claimed spots in the top 10 actors’ list.
JTBC’s ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’ found itself at the fourth position on the drama list, and its three leading ladies maintained strong positions on the actor list. Lee Yoo Mi secured the seventh spot, Kim Jung Eun at eighth, and Kim Hae Sook at tenth.
The new series ‘Korea-Khitan War’ on KBS 2TV debuted impressively at fifth place on the drama list, while MBN’s ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’ made its debut at eighth place.
The top 10 TV dramas creating the most buzz this week include:
1. ‘My Dearest’
2. ‘Castaway Diva’
3. ‘Twinkling Watermelon’
4. ‘Strong Girl Namsoon’
5. ‘Korea-Khitan War’
6. ‘The Escape of the Seven’
7. ‘The Matchmakers’
8. ‘Perfect Marriage Revenge’
9. ‘Moon in the Day’
10. ‘Live Your Own Life’
While the drama list features series airing on broadcast television, the actor list also includes cast members from online streaming shows.
The top 10 drama actors creating the most buzz this week are as follows:
1. Namgoong Min (‘My Dearest’)
2. Park Eun Bin (‘Castaway Diva’)
3. Ahn Eun Jin (‘My Dearest’)
4. Choi Hyun Wook (‘Twinkling Watermelon’)
5. Shin Eun Soo (‘Twinkling Watermelon’)
6. Park Bo Young (‘Daily Dose of Sunshine’)
7. Lee Yoo Mi (‘Strong Girl Namsoon’)
8. Kim Jung Eun (‘Strong Girl Namsoon’)
9. Ryeoun (‘Twinkling Watermelon’)
10. Kim Hae Sook (‘Strong Girl Namsoon’)

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