NEW DELHI: Nasa recently showcased ‘cosmic jewelry,’ a captivating celestial sight known as Necklace Nebula, captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. This mesmerising phenomenon, located 15,000 light-years away from Earth, was shared on Nasa’s social media, offering a glimpse of the vast wonders of space.
NASA said that the Necklace Nebula, a stunning cosmic formation, was born from the interaction between two aging Sun-like stars.
In a unique celestial dance, one star expanded and engulfed its smaller partner, which continued orbiting within.
This caused the giant star to spin rapidly, shedding debris into space that formed the distinctive Necklace Nebula.
The nebula features bright ‘diamonds’ of gas clustered around a glowing green region, resembling a necklace in space. Shared on Instagram, the mesmerizing image garnered over 55,000 likes and sparked admiration from viewers.
The comments on these captivating glimpses, ranged from ‘absolutely beautiful’ to whimsical musings like ‘a cosmic giant lost her bracelet.’
Social media users expressed awe, with one describing it as ‘stunning’ and another likening it to science fiction. The image, set against a backdrop of dark space speckled with stars and red gas, mesmerised viewers with its ethereal beauty and cosmic allure.
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