Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Bishwa Prakash Sharma has called for review of the government’s performance.

Presenting a report on contemporary politics in the ongoing Mahasamiti meeting at Godavari, Lalitpur on Tuesday Sharma has called for honest discussion of effectiveness and weakness of the government, and review of the progress and shortcomings of the ministries headed by NC ministers.

Sharma’s report also mentions that the current ruling coalition is not an agreement for the future but the burden of responsibilities imposed by the past. It also stresses that the grand old party has the responsibility of working for the benefits of the country and people continuing the ruling coalition as no single party has majority now.

Vice-president Purna Bahadur Khadka has also changed his position about pre-election alliance. The party’s policy document he presented in the ongoing Mahasamiti meeting at Godavari, Lalitpur on Tuesday is silent about pre-election alliance.

NC President Sher Bahadur Deuba and General Secretary Gagan Thapa reached agreement on the latter’s proposal to shun pre-election alliance in a meeting of office-bearers and former office-bearers late Monday night following a longstanding difference over the issue.

Khadka has removed the issue of pre-election alliance from his report to give uniformity to party documents following Monday’s meeting.

The report presented to the central committee meeting convened to prepare for the Mahasamiti meeting that started on Monday had mentioned that the parties were forced to opt for pre-election alliance pointing that there was little chance of any party securing majority due to the mixed electoral system.

Khadka has removed that part from the report presented in the Mahasamiti meeting on Tuesday.

The organization report prepared by NC General Secretary Gagan Thapa in the central committee meeting had claimed that the grand old party lost popular votes and faced difficulty in managing aspiring candidates due to electoral alliance.

The report pointed that the party lost around seven percent of popular votes in the last general election in comparison to the one five years before that due to electoral alliance despite finishing as the single largest party in the country.

It also stated that many NC supporters were unhappy that the ballots at many places did not have NC’s election symbol tree with the party not fielding its candidates due to the electoral alliance.

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