The patch notes for Escape From Takov update 0.13.5 have been released and there is a lot of new content to play with, along with the arrival of the latest wipe which will reset everyone’s progress.

The patch is live now and the wipe has been completed, meaning that all your hard-earned progress over the last eight or so months has been wiped, leaving you with an empty inventory and a lot of looting to do. But the good news is that this time out there are a lot of changes and new toys to play with, which have been revealed in the patch notes.

The biggest change is the expansion of the Streets of Tarkov map, which is already one of the biggest maps in the game. Now there are extra areas to loot and some general improvements around the map, including a big old crashed helicopter in the middle of a street.

Another new arrival is the new boss Kaban who can be found around the car repair shop on the Streets of Tarkov map. He can use heavy machine guns thanks to his size, but isn’t very mobile so you do have a chance to use speed to take him down.

The other major change is to kit presets, where you can now save your gear preset and quickly equip it. You can create up to 50 presets for your gear, and it should allow you to get back into the fight quicker after a failed raid.

Interestingly there is also a major change to how loot spawns in the game. Instead of there being pre-defined loot container locations on every map, containers will now spawn at random points, meaning you’ll have to keep your eyes out for where to get your loot rather than just running pre-determined routes around the map.

The final bit of new content comes in the shape of new weapons including the SVT-40 and AVT-40 rifles, AK-12 assault rifle, PKM and PKP light machine guns and Ryzhy’s sawed-off. There are also new ammo types and attachments to go along with them.

Rounding out the patch notes are a lot of changes to the AI characters, which will hopefully fix some of the frustrations players have been having with them in recent weeks, as they have started to feel a bit unfair. There are also a lot of quality-of-life updates, a new weapon stand in the Hideout and a lot of balance changes across the game which should freshen things up a bit.

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