In a candid conversation on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, Mo’Nique has bared it all. She has shared her unfiltered emotions about her soured relationship with media mogul Oprah Winfrey. The actress and comedian did not mince words as she revisited a pivotal moment that severed ties between them.

Mo'Nique reveals reason behind her strained relationship with Oprah, criticizes her handling of interview
Mo’Nique reveals reason behind her strained relationship with Oprah, criticizes her handling of interview

Mo’Nique reveals hidden truth behind her soured relationship with Oprah

The breaking point came when Oprah, on her talk show, welcomed Mo’Nique’s brother Gerald Imes as a guest to apologize for the sexual abuse he inflicted on Mo’Nique during their childhood. According to Mo’Nique Oprah had reportedly reached out to her beforehand, informing her about Gerald’s desire to seek forgiveness on a public platform.But the actress, who had just won an Oscar for her performance, said she “didn’t want anything to do” with her brother or the interview.

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Despite Mo’Nique’s reluctance to engage with her brother or the interview, Oprah allegedly proposed canceling the episode. Mo’Nique, believing her brother could undergo a positive transformation, insisted on proceeding. However, the revelation that her entire family, which included her mother and grandfather, was included in the interview, without prior notice, left Mo’Nique feeling betrayed.

Mo’Nique expressed her dismay, emphasizing that Oprah never discussed the involvement of her mother in the interview, a fact she discovered only when the commercials aired. The fallout from the episode forced Mo’Nique into a position of defending her mother, a role she had not anticipated after her Oscar win for “Precious.”

Mo’Nique declared, “I understand it. But you betrayed me, sister”

In a scathing rebuke, Mo’Nique declared, “I understand it. But you betrayed me, sister,” underscoring her disappointment in Oprah’s handling of the situation. The comedian insisted that had Oprah communicated her intention to feature Mo’Nique’s mother, she would have shut it down to shield her from public scrutiny.

Mo’Nique also disclosed that Barbara Walters was approached for a similar interview but declined, citing her reluctance to add pressure on Mo’Nique after her recent accolade. Walters reportedly told Mo’Nique’s family, “I can’t do that to you. You just won that award. Why would I do that?”

As of now, Oprah has not responded publicly to Mo’Nique’s latest revelations, leaving fans and critics alike eagerly awaiting her side of the story. The saga between these two powerful women continues to unfold, bringing forth new layers of complexity and drama.

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