Watch | Pickleball is a hit at Chennai’s latest sporting arena in EA mall

Actors Arya and Redin Kingsley pick up their paddles and get ready for a fight.

Even as onlookers cheer, Arya and Redin exchange or rallies with their opponents.

The first pickleball match at Ice Water, Chennai’s latest sports arena at Express Avenue (EA) mall, is underway. . This is the first time Arya, an actor who plays in football and badminton quite regularly, tried his hand at this fast-growing sport. “I’ve heard a lot about it and wanted to try it out,” says the actor, “It seems like a lot of fun.”

Actors Arya and Redin Kingsley at the pickeball court in Chennai’s Express Avenue Mall

Actors Arya and Redin Kingsley at the pickeball court in Chennai’s Express Avenue Mall

There will be more matches in the days to come. For the uninitiated, pickleball incorporates components of tennis, table tennis and badminton and is fast picking up in Chennai. Aspiring players of this sport now have a brand new facility spread over 20,000 sq. ft., which boasts three open-air pickleball courts.

Designed to cater to both recreational and seasoned athletes, this futuristic sports facility arena also includes a 100-capacity seating pavilion that enhances the spectator experience. This, in turn, provides a stadium-like atmosphere which aims at helping Chennai’s sporting community to bond and stay fit.

Pickleball players at Express Avenue Mall

Pickleball players at Express Avenue Mall
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Thamodharan Bharath

Sathwika Sama, a professional tennis player, took to pickleball six months ago and is already hooked onto it. “Such new facilities, especially in the heart of the city, helps players spend a lot of time on court,” says Sathwika, who is already planning her next visit to the arena.

If pickleball does not interest you, worry not. At Ice Water, there is also a futsal arena that is adaptable for box cricket. Redin Kinglsey, who also stays in the E-Residences that is located close by, says, “Director Nelson and I played a bit of football recently, and we were talking about how good it feels after an hour of sport. Sports is crucial and a must for everyone, and such facilities will be a big boost to Chennai’s sporting enthusiasts.”

Ice Water sports arena is located in Express Avenue and open from 6am onwards. For bookings, log on to or call 7845776742

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