Prime Minister (PM) Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the government has not failed even though the outcome has not met his expectations.

“I admit to the citizens that the government did not fail but the outcome has not been as per my desire,” PM Dahal said in his address to the nation on Tuesday marking completion of one year of the government under his leadership.

He has also said that it is not necessary for him to occupy the post if he cannot deliver positive changes and hope to the country.

“We are all under moral pressure to do justice to our roles. If we cannot prove our efficiency, nobody should keep occupying the post, we should quit. This is not only my advice to others, this is also a pledge I’ve made to myself. It is not necessary for me to keep occupying the post if I cannot deliver positive changes and hope to the country,” he said in his address from the prime minister’s office at the Singha Durbar on Tuesday.

PM Dahal has said that ministers don’t have the liberty to fail, adding that he is not in a state and mood to forgive anybody if their performance is weak.

He has also stated that the government is set to sign a trilateral agreement on the sale of 40 megawatts of electricity in Bangladesh.

He has added that the government is emphasizing on big hydropower projects. “The government is moving ahead on game-changer big hydroelectric projects. I am directly facilitating Arun III,” he added.

He has also assured the chief ministers, who have recently been complaining about difficulties in implementation of federalism, that the knots stymieing federalism would soon be untied. He has also pledged to maintain good governance and continue servicing and cleansing of democracy.

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