Actor Rajneesh Duggal is gearing up for his international debut with the Indo-Nigerian series, Postcards. “Postcards was something for which I got a call randomly in November last year. I was just called and told that we need to test you for something International, I wasn’t told for what,” he reveals.

Rajniesh Duggal
Rajniesh Duggal

“With the web coming in, it’s not a typical masala like in Bollywood, it’s more on the realistic side. It is a very real story. The director is very intrigued by YRF and Dharma, and she is a hardcore Indian at heart, she likes showcasing things that are larger than life, but then this is something which has more human emotions and romance, so it would be pretty real and amazing to watch it. It’s in English and Nigea, but I am speaking mostly Hindi and English in the series,” the 44-year-old adds.

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“It will be a global release and fingers crossed will be good. This actually can help put our industry on the global level. This International project will also impact my career in a positive way, and I’m sure about that,” he believes, and continues, “I am also doing something else internationally, which I can only reveal later, so bigger things ahead, I am happy and excited.”

Despite his foray into international projects, Duggal remains rooted in Bollywood aspirations. “I am also hoping that this would bring along more opportunities in Bollywood, that too revolving around me,” the actor states, adding, “I am already doing a couple of films but I would love to work with the best of makers and as an antagonist or protagonist, so I am looking forward to it.”

“Having said that, I don’t have any reservations in terms of medium, just that the role has to be strong and meaty. Be it theatre or OTT, I want to be flexible as an actor,” he ends.

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