Spam calls and messages, both are annoying. While there’s an option available for users to enable the Do Not Disturb (DND) service on their phone number to stop receiving such messages and calls, there’s also the option to report them to the telecom department.
Reporting Spam messages: Why you should do it
Reporting Spam messages is important as it helps the telecom service providers to take action.Note that this won’t stop these messages unless you enable the DND service on the number. However, reporting them can also help in curbing the fake messages and promotions.These reports wouldn’t immediately result in taking action against the sender but would contribute to the proactive identification of such spammers.
There are two options available — reporting and complaint. According to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, any “complaint made within 3 days from the date of UCC/Spam are considered valid complaints. These complaints are entitled for further investigation and may lead to action against senders. Ex. You receive UCC/Spam on 15/04/2021 so you must complain before 18/04/2021.”
Details required for restistering the complaint

  • Mode of communication
  • Details of sender
  • Date and Time of message or call
  • Category of commercial communication
  • Description of message or call

How to report or register a complaint for spam messages
You can either call or send SMS to report these messages.
Simply copy the spam messages, enter sender details and send it to 1909. This is the structure you need to follow for reporting the spam messages — ‘SMS Content, Sender No, dd/mm/yy’
If you are calling at 1909, keep these details handy and reply with the necessary information when asked during the call.

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