Killers of the Flower Moon (now streaming on Apple TV+) actor Robert De Niro opened up about his family situation in the latest edition of PEOPLE magazine. The conversation mainly focussed on his youngest 10-month-old daughter, Gia. He shares her with his 45-year-old girlfriend, Tiffany Chen, who is an ace at many things, including being a martial arts instructor.

Robert De Niro's first picture with his new daughter Gia
Robert De Niro’s first picture with his new daughter Gia

De Niro welcomed the baby girl last year at 79, and now he claims to see “a lot of similarity” between his baby self and her.

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Sharing a decades-old photo of baby De Niro in his father, painter Robert De Niro Sr’s arms, the Oscar winner remarked that it reminded him of his youngest little girls. The second baby in his mind was his second-youngest child, Helen, whom he had with ex-wife Grace Hightower. He also spotted the exact resemblance in his grandkids.

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Here’s what the Taxi Driver star had to say about his family.

The Robert De Niro family tree

In his interview with PEOPLE, he further gushed about his “adorable baby”. “When I look at her, everything else goes away”, added De Niro, who was always relieved to be in the moment with baby Gia.

De Niro also has Drena (56) and Raphael (47), whom he had with his first wife Diahnne Abbott, and twins Julian and Aaron (28) with ex-girlfriend Toukie Smith. He shares Elliot (25) and Helen with his ex-wife Hightower. The proud older siblings seem to enjoy their time with Gia, too. In this long and complicated family tree, Gia is an aunt to De Niro’s grandchildren, who are about to become teenagers.

As a proud family man, the Hollywood veteran gets a kick out of big gatherings when all De Niros are assembled under the same roof. Just being together with them is enough for him, as it makes for his favourite time without a doubt.

The PEOPLE interview also has him talk about imparting wisdom to his children. He still remembers what his parents, De Niro Sr. and Virginia Admiral, had taught him. And now he’s passing down all those unforgettable wisdom cookies about the little things to his children.

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