Hyderabad-based Sabista Khan will be releasing her debut music video on December 30. The track titled ‘Adieu’ is her bidding farewell to bullies as 2023 ends.

Trained in western vocals, Sabista has been pursuing music since the age of 17. She, however, discontinued her vocal training due to other commitments such as studies, health and a job. “Going back to singing has always been on my mind because I enjoyed it a lot. I couldn’t restart at a time even when I wanted to because I was to undergo tonsillectomy. My recovery post the surgery took longer than expected. I couldn’t speak for over a month and that’s when I made up my mind not to delay my singing classes any further.”

Sabista was learning with a music teacher from Pune and while she was recovering she was also sorting out her plans for herself. Her first priority was to restart learning music after 12 years. “Also, another major goal of mine was to pay attention to my health. Once I started training, my teacher was happy with my performance. In level 2 of training, I did a cover of Miley Cyrus’ ‘The climb’. The tune was stuck in my head.I had also shared with her the tracks I had penned. Within a year she felt I was ready to record a track,” adds Sabista.

A screen grab from Sabista Khan’s music video

A screen grab from Sabista Khan’s music video

Talking about the songs she wrote, the singer says “I was bullied a lot at school and home because of my build. As a kid, the bullying used to trouble me a lot. It took me a long time to get over it and become confident with the way I am and accept my body. The song I wrote ‘Adieu’ is to close that phase of life.”

Sabista had the lyrics but she needed help for the tune, beat, composing and recording. “Once in Pune, we decided on the tune, then we went on to compose. Within 10 days my track was ready and we did a shoot for the video.”

The 2.40-minute video Adieu will be up on YouTube on December 30.

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