Actors Jo Han-chul, Yoon Byung-hee, and Lim Chul-soo have recently opened up about their tight-knit bond with none other than Song Joong Ki and his spouse, offering a glimpse into their special relationship within the entertainment industry.
The revelation came to light during a pre-released video teaser for the entertainment program ‘Actor’s Roundtable’, titled “Who’s More Handsome? Visual Actor Vote Wounded by Looks (ft. Song Joong-ki)”. In this snippet, the trio took center stage, regaling viewers with delightful tales of their unique connections with the beloved couple. Lim Chul-soo kicked off the revelations by surprising his fellow actors with a thoughtful gesture, serving them coffee from a thermos gifted by none other than Song Joong Ki himself. As the trio reminisced about their shared experiences on the set of the hit drama ‘Vincenzo’, they peeled back the curtain on their off-screen camaraderie.
Expressing his gratitude towards Song Joong Ki, Lim Chul-soo revealed, as quoted by allkpop, “When I moved, Joong-ki gave me a coffee machine as a housewarming gift. It was exactly the one I wanted, capable of steaming milk for lattes, so I hardly ever go to cafes anymore. I just make it at home”. Amidst playful banter and jest, Jo Han-chul playfully teased his envy, questioning why he hadn’t received any gifts from Song Joong Ki and inquired about the lavish presents frequently bestowed by the star. The conversation soon evolved into a lighthearted competition of cherished gifts received from Song Joong Ki’s spouse, with Jo Han-chul proudly boasting of high-quality olive oil while Yoon Byung-hee shared tales of savoring a delectable handmade 100% raspberry pie.
Jo Han-chul also chimed in, recounting the delightful experience of enjoying an exquisite pasta meal prepared by Song Joong-ki’s wife during a trip to Budapest. He emphasized the authenticity of the Italian ingredients used, adding flavor to the memorable dining experience. Despite the friendly rivalry over their connections with the couple, the actors united in their admiration for Song Joong Ki’s generous and admirable character.

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