Another day, another Wordle. It’s the day of the moon and so we must be alert and ready for any madness to strike. No more lazy Sunday, alas. Let’s take a look back at this day in history, shall we, just for fun?

  1. 1783 – Calabrian Earthquakes: A series of devastating earthquakes began in Calabria, Italy, causing extensive damage and loss of life. This event is one of the most powerful sequences of earthquakes in European history.
  2. 1917 – The Mexican Constitution is Adopted: Mexico adopted a new constitution, which is still in effect today. It introduced significant reforms, including restrictions on the power of the Catholic Church, protection for workers’ rights, and the redistribution of land.
  3. 1919 – Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, and D.W. Griffith Launch United Artists: In a move to control their own work and to counter the growing power of commercial studios, these four Hollywood legends established United Artists, a film distribution company that allowed them to finance their movies independently.
  4. 1958 – Gamal Abdel Nasser is Nominated: Nasser was officially nominated to be the first president of the newly created United Arab Republic, a political union between Egypt and Syria that lasted until 1961.
  5. 1971 – Apollo 14 Lands on the Moon: Part of NASA’s Apollo program, Apollo 14 successfully landed on the Moon. It was the third mission to land astronauts on the lunar surface, allowing Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell to conduct a series of experiments and to collect moon rocks for return to Earth.
  6. 1994 – Byron De La Beckwith is Convicted: Beckwith was convicted of the murder of civil rights leader Medgar Evers in 1963, over 30 years after the crime took place. This was a landmark moment in the civil rights movement, highlighting the long path towards justice for victims of racial violence.

Okay, onto the Wordle!

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: Up and down the cliff face.

The Clue: This Wordle has a double letter in it.





The Answer:

Can you solve today’s phrase?

Wordle Analysis

Every day I check Wordle Bot to see how I did. You can check your Wordles with Wordle Bot right here.

I’m not sure where spear came from, but then I do spend a lot of time thinking about weapons like swords and axes and spears, and it does have lots of common letters. It’s a good opening guess! Today it was a very good guess, leaving me with just 29 words. I decided that I had enough yellow boxes to juggle things around and reply turned them all green and added an ‘L’ to the mix. While my fear of heights has kept me from doing any climbing, the answer was pretty obvious: repel for the win! Huzzah!

Competitive Wordle Score

I get 1 point for guessing in three and 1 for beating the Bot, who took a whopping FIVE guesses today. Crazy!

Today’s Wordle Etymology

The word “repel” originates from the Latin “repellere,” which is composed of “re-” meaning “back” and “pellere” meaning “to drive.” It entered the English language in the late 15th century, initially used in the sense of physically driving something away or back. Over time, its usage expanded to include the broader sense of warding off, resisting, or refusing something or someone. The original Latin roots reflect this action of pushing or forcing something away, an idea that has been preserved in the word’s meaning through to the present day.

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