Kathmandu, November 4

In the aftermath of the earthquake, with its epicentre in Jajarkot, 38 deaths have been reported from Rukum West.

According to Deputy Inspector of Police Namraj Bhattarai, Chief of Police of the District Police Office, 28 deaths were reported from Aathbiskot and 10 from Sanibheri rural municipality of Rukum West.

Meanwhile, 40 people were reported injured. Among them 15 severely injured have been referred to the district hospital for further treatment.

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Kathmandu, November 4

An earthquake that rocked western Nepal on Friday night has resulted in the death of hundreds of people.

According to sources, 92 people were reported dead in Jajarkot following the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that rocked western Nepal at 11.47 pm on Friday. A further 55 people have been reported injured with the security agencies still looking for people under the rubble.

According to DIG Kuber Kadayat, 36 people have died in the earthquake in West Rukum with 85 more injured.

Details from other places in the area are yet to emerge.

Due to blocked roads, rescuing the earthquake victims in Jajarkot and West Rukum has posed challenging. Karnali Province Police Chief DIG Bhim Dhakal mentioned that difficulties arose in rescuing the injured due to landslides in certain areas and washed-out bridges in others.

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has flown to the area with health professionals. The government has also asked Nepal Airlines to remain on standby to conduct flights to Rukum West and Jajarkot.

The people representatives from the affected area say they need immediate help and aid as the hospitals are full of people. They say most homes in the area, particularly Barekot rural municipality have been reduced to rubble.

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