Apple welcomed a new era, the era of spatial computing with its first-ever AR headset, the Vision Pro on Friday, February 2. Although many people will be lining up in stores to pick up their own headsets, Apple wants everybody to have a glimpse of its new big product. The company has decorated its iconic Fifth Avenue store in New York City with a massive installation of the headset to celebrate the launch.

Apple has carried out construction work on its famous cube and has installed a lit up fixture that bears a striking resemblance to the Vision Pro headset.

Apple CEO Tim Cook arrived at the Fifth Avenue store along with Greg Joswiak, the Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. At 10:00 am, Cook opened the doors to the iconic store accompanied by Joswiak. The crowd applauded as the two appeared, walking up from the store’s basement level. The pair stepped out to greet customers.
Cook spoke live from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store about the launch of Apple Vision Pro with ABC’s Good Morning America. In the interview, Cook described the new headset as “magical”. He added that he believes that the $3,499 price point for Vision Pro headset is appropriate. “People can spread their payments out over time, and so that’s one affordability kind of thing,” Cook said
Cook also said that the headset’s spatial computing capabilities will make it useful in many different ways. “I think it’s going to be used in so many different ways because it’s a spatial computer,” said Cook. He compared the impact of the Apple Vision Pro to that of the iPhone, which introduced mobile computing, and the Mac, which popularised personal computing.

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